No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series:TOTE BAG! *Part 1*

I found SewVac Ltd. when I started my quilting and sewing journey; they offer a No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series, taught by Miss-Oh-so-talented Linda Jones! 🙂 She was one of the first people who welcomed me when I walked into SewVac , and her positivity and encouragement in contagious! I aspire to take more classes and lectures to learn more about quilting and sewing! Coincidently enough, … Continue reading No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series:TOTE BAG! *Part 1*

Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall: A Must-Have in your Crafty Room! :)

I was walking around the quilt festival and came across Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall booth and just knew I had to have one of these in my crafty room! It’s such a neat concept: an easy to build stand, slip in a flannel piece of fabric, and with the slanted design, it holds your pieces of fabric! Maybe it’s just me wanting to simplify the … Continue reading Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall: A Must-Have in your Crafty Room! 🙂

ADVICE NEEDED: Sewing Machine Tote Bags!?

After everyone, at the quilt festival, persuaded me to attend the Road to California‘s quilter conference, I’ve registered for some classes! I even printed the entry form to submit a piece!! 🙂 Raymond’s little sister, Jeanie, supervises ALL of my printing! She even bites and tugs at the sheets of paper as they slide into the printer, just to make sure that I’m paying attention … Continue reading ADVICE NEEDED: Sewing Machine Tote Bags!?

The Iron Quilter’s Challenge !!

I had the pleasure to attend the Iron Quilter’s Challenge, during the quilt festival at the Long Beach Convention Center, and it was UNFORGETTABLE !! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited about the event when I first read about it. “Culinary artists have done it, and now fabric artists try their hand (or hands) in Quilting Stadium! Be part of a … Continue reading The Iron Quilter’s Challenge !!

The Quilt Festival day two: I bought some goodies! :)

So day two at the quilt festival AND I’M HAVING A BLAST! Every time I come, I meet new people and just want to stay here all day, but thanks to the parking meter today, I was only allowed about two hours to shop at the festival. Boo! Luckily, I got ALMOST everything that I wanted. I was glad to have gone to yesterdays preview … Continue reading The Quilt Festival day two: I bought some goodies! 🙂

Tutorial: Fabric Keychains

I just got back from The Quilt Festival’s preview night and, MY GOODNESS, I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE! 🙂 So many nice people, so many beautiful quilts, kits and patterns!!! I’m so glad I decided to buy the package weekend tickets! I met so many nice people and will soon post about what I bought, what I will be featuring and creating tutorials and many … Continue reading Tutorial: Fabric Keychains

Tutorial : Soft Children’s Book

I bought a new beginner’s sewing machine last saturday and I’ve managed to just absolutely fall in love with machine sewing!! 🙂 I found this adorable counting book panel to make as practice with my new machine and here is an easy guide on how you can make a cute soft children’s book too! What you need : – storybook panel – batting : three … Continue reading Tutorial : Soft Children’s Book