ADVICE NEEDED: Sewing Machine Tote Bags!?

After everyone, at the quilt festival, persuaded me to attend the Road to California‘s quilter conference, I’ve registered for some classes!
I even printed the entry form to submit a piece!! 🙂

Raymond’s little sister, Jeanie, supervises ALL of my printing! She even bites and tugs at the sheets of paper as they slide into the printer, just to make sure that I’m paying attention to her.. Lol she’s caused me to re-print MULTIPLE times, because she pulls at the paper sheets causing them to jam the printer, then I get a big “PAPER JAMMED: CANNOT PRINT” message on my laptop! Little Jeanie is something else! 😛

I’m so excited about my trip to Ontario, I will be there for 5 days , and plan on taking my sewing machine.
But I’m not sure I know what to take it in?!
I have a medium sized Babylock Grace sewing machine.
What do you store your sewing machine in for travel?
I’ve been looking at sewing machine carriers and trolleys, but nothing really appeals to me.. I want something with cats on it, or pink, or girly but not gaudy… It’s so frustrating..



The quilt festival I just attended, as well as the conference in Ontario, states that no rolling totes or luggage are allowed, due to people tripping on them. So I would love something with handles, preferably over the shoulder, like the ones above. Those are the only bag/totes that appealed to me. What do you think? Do you have any of these or any other carrier for your medium sized sewing machine that works for you?

It wasn’t until I saw this bag that it dawned on me: TRAVELING CARRY-ONS CAN DOUBLE AS SEWING MACHINE TOTE BAGS! So I brought out my traveling luggage set and tried fitting my sewing machine in to see how it fit.




This one is just a purse-ish like bag that fits my machine just so. I can even add the shoulder strap and carry it like a shoulder bag. But my concern is not having enough adding around it to protect it in my travels. I know that Guess isn’t necessarily sewing machine friendly.





This one has three compartments, the middle one being the biggest, and two thin ones on each side. I fit my machine perfectly in the center, and having extra “protection” on each side makes me want to use this bag as my traveling bag. Specially because I can just stuff the compartments on each side with some folded fabric for extra padding.
What do you think?
Is it OKAY to use a bag like this to carry my machine in?
What are the differences between sewing machine totes and regular traveling totes?
Too many to just play it safe and buy a sewing machine tote?
Please, please let me know what you think , I’m really torn between using my luggage bag and buying a new tote made for sewing machines…
I appreciate you reading and commenting!

Don’t forget about entering my Birthday Freebie! 🙂 you still have time to win a free cross stitch kit!

Toodles for now,
Diana, Jeanie and Ray<3


20 thoughts on “ADVICE NEEDED: Sewing Machine Tote Bags!?

  1. Well since you don’t have to take it then never mind but I was going to suggest the “Everything Mary” bag because it looks like it has the most support and protection. The “purse-ish” bag fits perfect but it’s not rigid and if you accidentally kick it then it could fall on its side and break. Just my two-cents. 🙂


    1. I know<3 I'm very glad about not needing to take it for almost a WHOLE week on a road trip.
      Although , I did take it to a local quilt class today and it did just fine in my wide guess bag 🙂 it's perfect for small trips like local classes. So no need to buy another bag, at least not until I upgrade and get another /bigger sewing machine. Lol but I love this machine now and plan on holding onto it for a while 🙂 I appreciate the comments and support! Love you<3 thanks for reading!


  2. I LOVE the idea of using a bag you already have! And I was going to suggest fabric as padding, til I kept reading, and you were already on that wave length, lol 🙂 so you’ll be all set next time you need to transport your machine!


        1. I was never allowed to have animals growing up. Then, in my very first apartment, when I was 18, this cat just wandered in while the front door was open, and she stayed. 😀 I like to think she chose me. I made up the name Tae’lee for her, and it fit nicely! 🙂 And I’ve had cats ever since!


          1. Oh that’s a cute story! 🙂 she most definitely picked you<3 what a blessing!
            Once you have one, you'll continue getting more!! Lol I have three and STILL want more! 😛
            How many furr-babies do you have now? 🙂


            1. We’ve had up to three cats at a time, but right now, with young children to care for, we only have the one, a 9-year-old orange tabby, he’s 20 pounds, and definitely one of our babies 😀


              1. Sounds like Reese’s is a spoiled baby!! 🙂 little ray is a spoiled 15 pound baby in this house! Lol
                How cute, I hope to raise a family along side a couple of furry babies too<3
                I think it's a great lesson to teach children to be gentle with animals. As well as responsibilities like feeding and caring for them 🙂
                Something that you can't teach with a book!


            2. Oh! and our kitty now is named Reeses, named after the orange packaged chocolate. we got him at the same time as a dark gray-ish colored kitty that we named Hershey, lol 🙂


    1. Thank you for that<3
      I really appreciate it!
      And most definitely, I registered for my classes and even volunteered to be those white glove people helping display the quilts 🙂 I'm so excited! I will blog about it so stay tuned!


  3. Check with the conference before you get ahead of yourself. Are you sure they don’t provide machines? If not, looks like you have a great head start on the tote project. Good thinkin’!


    1. Oh my goodness , YOU’RE A LIFESAVER!! My classes offer a sewing machine to complete the projects!!!
      I would’ve taken my machine on a 3 hour ride and back FOR NOTHING!!!
      Thank you SO MUCH FOR THAT!!! 🙂
      I’m taking a class at my local quilt shop tomorrow and NEED to take my sewing machine because its on the supply list, so I assumed ALL classes I need to take my machine too! Oh my goodness! I can’t thank you enough Melanie! 🙂
      I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to read and commenting to check the class info!
      Thanks again!


      1. My pleasure! I haven’t taken classes at quilt shows before (though I’ve signed up for two in October.) But all of the machine based classes there, an AQS show, have machines provided. Glad you were able to resolve that so easily!


        1. I just caught onto that! 🙂 even when I attended the quilt festival , I spoke to several class attendees and I somehow thought that they brought their machines, took them to class, then dropped off their machines in their xars or hotels and then came back to the festival!! Lol I’m so silly, now I know that you don’t NEED to take your machine, they offer them there! Lol well again, thank you for that!
          What classes are you taking? 🙂


  4. You could make a quilted liner to go inside the Guess bag (such a cute bag!) so that your machine is protected. I would also take the bag to a shoe repair store and make sure that the handles can support the weight. They may be able to reinforce the handles for you.
    Have fun!!!


    1. Oh my goodness, why didn’t I think of that?!
      That is a GREAT idea! 🙂
      I may just do that!
      And thank you for suggesting the shoe repair store idea, I would’ve never thought about reinforcing the handles. Then I would’ve ruined my pretty bag!
      This is great, I think I’m set now! 🙂
      Oh I’m so excited!
      Thank you for reading and for your helpful advice!


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