The moment we have all been waiting for!!! :))
**drumroll please**



I would love to welcome you to my new “crafty room” and my future hideaway for my crafting and blogging!
I assume the easiest away to do this is to go from left to right 🙂 so here we go!

When you first enter, there are two long wall-to-wall shelves on the back wall and one long shelf halfway down from the ceiling on the entire left wall.
I placed my yarn bins on the bottom left corner of the room. I have so much yarn.. I have a couple trash bags of MORE yarn hiding behind the luggage 😛

Next to the yarn bins, I placed our picnic table for cutting and sorting fabric, but only placing my thread holder for now 🙂
On top of that shelf, I placed my three drawer organizer for cut pieces in progress and some fabrics in my fabric baskets.

I just absolutely love these pink cloth “quilted” pattern baskets! I found them at my local Ross, being sold individually and well, I bought the only ones they had in store to have in my new crafty room 🙂 but still looking for more to have a matching set !



I can efficiently use these baskets for holding my special cut fabrics , scraps and MY CAT THEMED FABRIC!! 🙂
And if it you haven’t noticed already , I love cats and anything cats. When I visit a quilt shop or fabric store, you can rest assured that I am walking out with a yard of their cat fabric,IF I don’t have it already 😛





I have my big 25 yard /90″ wide roll of batting and more bins of yarn on the back wall. I also have three drawer organizers holding my needlepoint projects, cross stitching projects, latch hook projects and many long lost UFO’s.
I organized my small pattern collection, some kitty plates that look like my sweet baby ray and some acrylic square rulers on the wood beams in front of my desk.
Placed some basic quilting and sewing supplies on my make-up acrylic organizer on my desk with my cutting at for easy access on my table top.











After inspecting my new crafty room, Raymond decides it’s time for a nap in my scraps basket 🙂 Silly goose ❤

After it all, Raymond and I love our new crafty room! 🙂 I attempted to capture a picture of myself and Ray both looking at the camera, but Raymond decided to give me a kiss<3 a much better picture than I planned!
Please join us for our new crafty room adventures and posts real soon! 🙂

Toodles for now,
Diana and Ray<3


16 thoughts on “MY NEW CRAFTY ROOM!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I just love my new crafty room!! I’ve been meaning to post blogs today, but I’ve been in my crafty room crafting away!!! I’m hooked!! Lol
      And I love my pink baskets and everything pink lol I found them at Ross 🙂 cute AND affordable!
      I hope to keep my crafty room clean as it is now. Lol I’m sure you know how easy it is to craft away at a project and leave a mess everywhere. But I like to say that it’s an “organized mess” lol
      Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the positive feedback!!


    1. Thank you 🙂
      And awee, I’ll let Raymond know that he has a fan!
      He loved exploring our new crafty room 🙂
      And then fell asleep in the scraps basket 🙂
      Aren’t those patchwork boxes adorable? I didn’t. Understand why they still had so many on shelf! They’re adorable! Lol


  1. Did you have to add heat or air conditioning to the storage area? We have a small barn that in my mind are the plans for doing the same. ..I am in Pa though and thinking of all of the weather changes. Yours look like your off to a wonderful start! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I haven’t yet 🙂 I’m in Southern California , and our summers get hot! So it’s definitely in the plans to install an a/c as well as perforated hardboard on my walls.
      A crafty room is such a blessing , and i wish you the best in transforming your barn into your very own crafty room! (I hope you post pictures)
      How’s the weather in PA?


  2. Very jealous, I’m only allowed a table in the corner of the room. P.s. My cat is equally in the way when I’m at my craft table, got to love them


    1. We all work with what we got 🙂 I started sitting on the corner of my bed and using a coffee table and keeping my supplies in a small tin box.. Slowly becoming obsessed with quilting and crafting, my projects grew, took out my giant tub in my master bathroom and had a walk-in closet built. That got full very quickly and decided to utilize my shed for crafting space 🙂
      All you need is some patience to clean things out and then organize your things in an efficient way 🙂
      Oh kitties will always be curious as to what you’re doing 🙂 it’s quite comforting to have their company at sporadic times. A follower left a comment that comes to mind “they always sit on the piece you need next” 🙂


    1. Thank you very much 🙂
      I’m happy to have such a supportive bf and a great contractor to bring all of my ideas to life 🙂
      I’m sure that once I get to crafting and all, it will never look this clean again! Lol piles of fabric everywhere, I’m sure of it. But it’ll be a mess with a purpose 😛


      1. My roommate is always judging me about the state of my sewing area. I just remind her that she never complains about the quilts she or her daughter got. lol. I can;t wait to see what you produce in there!


        1. Exactly!! Lol my bf (used to ) complained about my piles of fabric , and my sewing box, and I’d often remind him of the few quilts I’ve completed, which he LOVES! Lol so he keeps quiet and leaves me be, crafting along 🙂


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