A play mat for Jeanie :)

A surprise post! Lol I’m sorry I’ve been so busy getting my life together, trying to be more active and spontaneous that my blog has been neglected. I hope to continue trying to balance out everything where I can post daily and share my projects with you all ! 🙂 I was invited by my dear friend to a celebratory party at the Los Angeles … Continue reading A play mat for Jeanie 🙂

Tutorial : How to pin baste a baby quilt :) *PICTURE LOADED*

Ok, basting, basting, BASTING!! My finger tips are pulsing a bit as I write this post; I pin basted a baby quilt using about 400 pins… Lol I’m a pin nut! Basting is when you “sandwich” your quilt backing, batting and quilt top, securing all three layers using one of three methods. Or at least I think there are three common methods of basting : … Continue reading Tutorial : How to pin baste a baby quilt 🙂 *PICTURE LOADED*

My hand-quilting class with Jill!

I took a hand-quilting class, shortly after finishing my first hand quilted quilt. The amazing Jill, at The Quilt Cupboard, taught me how to properly stitch/ hand-quilt using the rocking motion. It was quite fun learning how to quilt the right way! Lol We sandwiched muslin, batting and some plaid fabric on a hoop. Jill had us trace and stitch a pretty medallion-like stencil design! … Continue reading My hand-quilting class with Jill!

My very first hand quilted kitty quilt! :)

Ok, this post is WAY overdue! 🙂 But alas, it’s here!! A photo timeline of the very first hand quilt I’ve quilted. As a self taught hand quilter, I learned most of this from youtube videos, but also missed a couple things. Lets begin shall we! I found the pattern above on Joan’s project website, then proceeded to go pick out fabric: KITTY THEMED! I … Continue reading My very first hand quilted kitty quilt! 🙂

Tutorial: Fabric Keychains

I just got back from The Quilt Festival’s preview night and, MY GOODNESS, I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE! 🙂 So many nice people, so many beautiful quilts, kits and patterns!!! I’m so glad I decided to buy the package weekend tickets! I met so many nice people and will soon post about what I bought, what I will be featuring and creating tutorials and many … Continue reading Tutorial: Fabric Keychains

Tutorial : Soft Children’s Book

I bought a new beginner’s sewing machine last saturday and I’ve managed to just absolutely fall in love with machine sewing!! 🙂 I found this adorable counting book panel to make as practice with my new machine and here is an easy guide on how you can make a cute soft children’s book too! What you need : – storybook panel – batting : three … Continue reading Tutorial : Soft Children’s Book