Road 2 California Quilter’s Conference

As some of you may know, Road 2 CA is “The Best in the West”! After I heard that, there was no doubt that I was going to be attending that quilt show/ quilters conference in Ontario!! Before I get into my exciting Road 2 CA blogpost, I want to officially announce that I am working for Eleanor Burns and Quilt in a Day. Many … Continue reading Road 2 California Quilter’s Conference

The Wonky Log Cabin!

Quilt in a Day has a new ruler: the Wonky Ruler! It is designed by Eleanor And Orion Burns. And just like all of Quilt in a Day’s ruler and patterns, it is super easy to use! You construct your log cabin center like you normally would, add your sides using STRIPS and then place your block under your ruler. Center the square marked on … Continue reading The Wonky Log Cabin!

Happy holidays to all! My holiday season “update” 🎄

How is everyone’s holiday season going? I’ve gotten so busy decorating for the holidays, planning what I’m doing with my family for Christmas and trying to divide up my time with all of my siblings! My blog “Ray’s sew Crafty” is turning into “Ray’s sew Lazy”!!! BUT I am happy to announce that this Christmas season I learned and made 17 Christmas stockings! Oh and … Continue reading Happy holidays to all! My holiday season “update” 🎄

Log Cabin in Julian with Eleanor burns :) *Picture Loaded!*

I had the pleasure of taking THE log cabin class from, the one and only, Eleanor Burns; She has an incredible Koala studio in her home, Bear’s Paw Ranch in Julian,CA. It was a fun-filled day for me, starting with the drive to Julian. I was born and raised in the heart of L.A. and seeing all those acres of crops and land and animals … Continue reading Log Cabin in Julian with Eleanor burns 🙂 *Picture Loaded!*

Quilting 101

I have been taking a Quilting 101 class and this is just a continuation of my progress! 🙂 The first part / intro to this Quilting 101 segment you can read here. Here is the shop’s mascot, Annie!! 🙂 She is the cutest!! And yes, she is sleeping on stacks and stacks of beautiful, packaged Babylock Crescendo and Symphony sewing machines!!!! I am determined to … Continue reading Quilting 101

No-Sweat summer Sewing Series : Magic Baby Blanket (PICTURES!)

This is a Magic baby blanket class I took at Sewvac Ltd. It was super easy to make! 🙂 I was so excited to make it for my babies, and yes I’m talking about my kitties! It’s taken me some time to edit and just get around to posting this, so I’m going to jump right in! I got to class late and didn’t get … Continue reading No-Sweat summer Sewing Series : Magic Baby Blanket (PICTURES!)

My new and IMPROVED Crafty Room! :) Peg-walls and all!

I swear quilting and babies are so synonymous to me now!! I’ve always loved kids and want to start a family soon, a lot more now that I’m sewing and quilting!! There are so many adorable patterns, quilts, clothes, diapers and , oh my goodness, the list is endless of things I want to make for kids. Am I the only one with baby fever … Continue reading My new and IMPROVED Crafty Room! 🙂 Peg-walls and all!

Quilting 101

I started taking a Quilting 101 class, at the quilt cupboard, where we will be putting together a quilt with 9 blocks, each using a different technique. We are using “make your first quilt” by M’liss Rae Hawley. This is Annie, the quilt shop’s mascot! 🙂 oh my goodness she’s the cutest!! :)) Here is the wonderful Jill, an incredible teacher , who makes my … Continue reading Quilting 101

What I’m working on :)

OK! I’ve been so busy with SO many things! But I will do a brief run through as to what I’ve been up to and what you can expect soon! As you know, I bought some foam tiles and “installed them with Raymond, Jeanie and my amazing contractors help! 🙂 My contractor also put perforated hardboard, AKA pegboards, on both of my walls in my … Continue reading What I’m working on 🙂

No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series: TOTE BAG! *COMPLETE*

I finished my tote! 🙂 What do you think? I learned to make pockets for my bag! 🙂 Linda is such a great teacher! I hope to re-create this tote soon! I received a request for a tutorial on this bag, so do check in later to see a tutorial on how to make a cute tote! After sewing my lining to my bag, I … Continue reading No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series: TOTE BAG! *COMPLETE*