Quilting 101

I started taking a Quilting 101 class, at the quilt cupboard, where we will be putting together a quilt with 9 blocks, each using a different technique. We are using “make your first quilt” by M’liss Rae Hawley.



This is Annie, the quilt shop’s mascot! 🙂 oh my goodness she’s the cutest!! :))



Here is the wonderful Jill, an incredible teacher , who makes my long drive[to the quilt shop] worth it!




Our first class was spent learning about choosing fabric, how to properly cut fabric, using rulers and rotary cutters. I definitely learned some on how to better cut my fabric for my projects! Jill is a great teacher!


That night, I got lost, again… But I managed to get home before Raymond and Jeanie ate all the bologna in the fridge!!




We then tackled the first block in the quilt : Triple Rail ! 🙂
We sewed our strips together, mine weren’t as even as they were supposed to be; I ripped my seams out a couple of times, and with Jill’s help, I finally got my strips at an even 3-1/2″! 🙂
My homework is to put the block together before the next class!
Oh, and that is Miss Dianna in the background, holding her strips!! She prefers to be called Dee, she is such a fun student to take this class with! 🙂 Darlene is also taking this class, but I have yet to snap some pictures of her! We all have a blast in class, Jill is a great teacher!

I will continue to post my progress on my quilting 101 class as I progress on my blocks.
Is anyone a fan of Eleanor Burns?
🙂 Jill makes references to Eleanor Burns , and now I’m hooked on her show “quilt in a day”[on pbs]. I am attending Road to California Quilters Conference and managed to register to attend Eleanor’s lecture! I am too excited to meet the woman who I watch every Saturday morning on tv!!! I hope to get this book autographed by her. 🙂
Have you met Eleanor burns, attended her lectures or even taken one of her classes?
I’d love to hear about it!

Toodles for now,
Diana, Annie, Jeanie and Ray<3


11 thoughts on “Quilting 101

  1. Great job on your quilting and blogging! I met Eleanor Burns at Houston International Quilt Festival and she was just as nice as you would imagine. So sweet! Lucky you to get to the Road to California show! My sister and I went some years back and loved it. Will you ever come to the Houston show? Check out my blog entry from November 2012 to get a glimpse of it. You’ve inspired me–this year I’m taking more pics at the show! 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Awe, how neat! I’m excited to meet Eleanor at road 2 ca!! I’d like to make it to quilt festivals more, but I’m not sure that the Houston show is something I can make it to. But I will certainly plan a road trip in the years to come! I would love to attend the Houston show, I’ve heard great things about it! And I read your post on your experience at last years show, what a cute story! I love how you spoke about not lingering around Mr. kaffe so that you wouldn’t seem like stalkers! That’s adorable! I actually just met Alex Anderson at the quilt show in San Diego and I couldn’t help but get autographs and books and pictures. Lol and I tried to not linger, as well, to not seem like a weird stalker!!! Although , I’m sure they don’t mind being admired ! 🙂
      Thanks again for reading and hope to see more pictures in your posts!


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