Quilting 101

I have been taking a Quilting 101 class and this is just a continuation of my progress! πŸ™‚
The first part / intro to this Quilting 101 segment you can read here.



Here is the shop’s mascot, Annie!! πŸ™‚ She is the cutest!!
And yes, she is sleeping on stacks and stacks of beautiful, packaged Babylock Crescendo and Symphony sewing machines!!!! I am determined to own a Crescendo one day! πŸ™‚ As I make more projects, I am learning how important it is to have more space in my sewing machine, specially the “throat” size! I tried to quilt a 16×19″ piece and it took a lot of patience for me to stop, fold and pull my project through the throat, turn and continue quilting.. I hope to have gathered more patience for when I quilt my sisters TWIN sized quilt, and my California KING SIZED quilt! I don’t know how I’m going to quilt those with my Grace sewing machine, but where there is a will, there’s a way! πŸ™‚
Do you own a Babylock sewing machine?! I’d love to hear about it!

Ok, so here we are, I completed my Triple Rail block( #1)! It’s a little wonky, but I accept that it’s my first triple rail! πŸ™‚





I completed my Log Cabin block ( #2) shortly after my 21st birthday, initiating the wine “tasting” held during our classes now! πŸ™‚ Some Chateau St. Michelle Merlot to celebrate!
To my surprise, the fortune in my cookie that day(from lunch) read : “You will be a great success – Both in business and social situations.” Hmmm, interesting!
I hope to be on tv someday, wether that be as a guest, an instructor, actress, anything! πŸ™‚
I’m currently trying to a contestant on Wheel of Fortune!





With my Churn Dash block ( #3) completed, I went to class ready to work on my Waterwheel block (#4)! πŸ™‚
Can you spot Annie!?!?




I completed my Waterwheel block( #4) in class, after enjoying some Chateau St. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon!
I like wine, can you tell? πŸ™‚
I am planning to attend a Pedal N’ Paddle Tour, it’s a wine tasting tour that involves having to kayak and bike through the country to visit a couple of wineries!! How fun!
I will keep you posted on my progress on my quilting class soon, in the meantime, take care and thank you so much for reading!

Toodles for now,
Diana and Ray<3


13 thoughts on “Quilting 101

  1. I have a brother that is equivalent to the Babylon elisimo, I believe… it has been a while since I’ve looked. I like my brother, but it has had one issue which wouldn’t be a problem if I had bought a Babylock. Also, the problem you are having with patience to quilting with a small throat area, I hope you do better than I did. I didn’t get better which is why I now have a longhand, but some people do beautiful work with their home machines πŸ™‚


    1. Oh that’s interesting , thanks for sharing that!
      I’ve thought about looking into a brother, but after trying a babylock, I was set on babylock! πŸ™‚ I absolutely love babylock! And I will enjoy my current machine and work with what I have, but believe me, I’m starting a little piggy bank for an upgrade in the next couple of years!
      What kind of long arm do you have? πŸ™‚ I’ve seen that “Sweet sixteen” machine at my local quilt shop.
      Thanks for reading!


      1. I was very lucky in getting a 2008 26″ Gammill Classic Plus with only 8 hours of use for a great price. FYI: If I could go back and do it all over again, I would get a babylock over a brother! Good luck on working up to the new machine! Your work is looking great!


        1. Oh wow! πŸ™‚ what a steal!
          I’m working with my babylock, and do plan on selling some mugrugs to start saving up for a crescendo! πŸ™‚ babylock is the best!
          Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your comments!


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