No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series: TOTE BAG! *COMPLETE*

I finished my tote! 🙂
What do you think?



I learned to make pockets for my bag! 🙂
Linda is such a great teacher!
I hope to re-create this tote soon! I received a request for a tutorial on this bag, so do check in later to see a tutorial on how to make a cute tote!





After sewing my lining to my bag, I was done! 🙂
Woo-hoo!! I could’ve never achieved such a pretty, STRAIGHT tote on my own! Lol
Thank you Linda! I really enjoyed your class!

Here are all of the other lovely ladies who also made a tote in class! 🙂
We had such a great time!



I was excited to have found a rolling tote bag for my sewing machine, No more HAULING my sewing machine and supplies! I get to roll it now! 🙂
I went home with new storage/ traveling bags AND a new quilter’s design table!
I felt very accomplished driving home that night!


My babies were waiting for me, mainly because they were hungry, but they were excited that I was home! I was also treated to some chocolate cheesecake!! Oh my favorite!! 🙂
Well off I go to eat some more sweets, thank you so much for reading!
I appreciate the constructive criticism and comments!

Toodles for now,
Diana, Timmy, Jeanie and Ray<3


9 thoughts on “No-Sweat Summer Sewing Series: TOTE BAG! *COMPLETE*

    1. Thanks! I’m officially obsessed wi sewing and crafting! Lol my boyfriends like “YOU’RE ADDICTED” , which I respond with ” IM NOT ADDICTED, IT’S A LIFESTYLE!!” Lol
      Stay tuned for fun freebies and giveaways!
      Thanks again for reading and your comments, it means a lot to me!


    1. Hello Jill!! 🙂 thank you for reading my blog! It took me a while to get this post up, I felt bad thinking about you ladies checking in to see our class pictures and me not having them up yet! Lol but I’m glad they’re up, and thank you again for a fun class with you all! 🙂 meeting new crafters is always fun!
      I’m turning 21 this Saturday, maybe when you are all coming to another class, the bottle of wine will be on me! 🙂
      Diana and Ray<3
      P.s. My kitties appreciate your kind words!


    1. Thank you ! 🙂
      Linda taught us, throughout the process of making this one, how to make this bag smaller or bigger. So I definitely plan on attempting to make bags of different sizes! 🙂 I will snap pictures and blog about my progress.
      I’m so excited!
      Thanks for reading!


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