The Wonky Log Cabin!

Quilt in a Day has a new ruler: the Wonky Ruler!
It is designed by Eleanor And Orion Burns. And just like all of Quilt in a Day’s ruler and patterns, it is super easy to use!

You construct your log cabin center like you normally would, add your sides using STRIPS and then place your block under your ruler. Center the square marked on your ruler over your center on your block.
And then simply cut the sides according to which round you’re on. If you’re on round one of your sides, you cut at the #1 cutting line marked on the ruler.





I chain pieced all of my blocks and got them done in no time!
It’s really easy and you cannot lose track of what to cut!
On the first round of sides =cut at #1 , second round = cut at #2 and so on and so forth!

With this ruler, the finished block size is 12-1/2″ ! But with the 4 different cutting lines, you can stop at whatever round you prefer; Make a small block with just 2 rounds, or do the full four round, 12-1/2″ block!




I really enjoy civil war reproduction fabrics, specially in patriotic colors! I also enjoy cats and they both came together very well in my quilt top!

I only made 8 wonky log cabin blocks and designed the rest of the top myself. I found these “Elizabe-kitten Era” cats in my stash and just knew I had to use them! I appliquéd the kitties on the plain blocks and just absolutely love the way it all came together!

The possibilities are endless with the wonky ruler. Pick a variety of fabric colors, patterns and designs and you’re ready to go!

I’ve got my quilt top pinned and ready to quilt! I’m still learning how to free motion quilt, but I will post again when I’ve got my quilt done! 🙂

You can get your own Wonky Ruler at To watch Eleanor demonstrate how to use the ruler, check out the December webinar for Chimneys and Cornerstones here. The wonky ruler is shown 54 minutes in, but I encourage you to watch the webinar from the beginning. It’s fun to watch! 🙂

Toodles for now,
Diana and Ray<3


3 thoughts on “The Wonky Log Cabin!

    1. I am making my first wonky log cabin. I just have one question….in the pattern when you make your first cut it tells you that the square should be on point with the first dark TOP AND RIGHT. After you add the second light and second dark and go to wonk it, do you put your second dark on the TOP AND RIGHT like you did for the first wonky cut. Does it matter how your square is positioned when you are ready to wonky cut. Thanks. Pat


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