And so 2014 is here!




Can you tell that I’m attempting to catch up on old posts?!
Here are some Christmas pictures I MEANT to share around Christmas time but am just now getting to it. Lol
I figured they’re cute enough, that sharing them after new year is still okay! πŸ˜›

I dressed up my babies as Mrs. Claws, Rudolph the reindeer and Santa’s elf for Christmas. The photo shoot was actually much faster this time around, I learned to bait them with lots of catnip and treats, snap the picture and done!

Don’t they just look so darn adorable?
Merry (late) Christmas from us to you!!





It’s a tradition in my family to go to Big Bear every Christmas, this year we went tubing in the snow!! It was so much fun!! I absolutely love Big Bear and just having fun with my family for Christmas!

As we’ve grown older, we don’t have gift exchanges but we still give cards and chocolates disguised in big, gift-wrapped boxes to have a little fun! I got lots of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, MY FAVORITE, a pair of diamond cat earrings, little hats for my babies and a Joann’s gift card from my awesome little sister. I got much more than a card and chocolates, huh? Lol We can’t help but sneak in a gift or two to not be the only one not giving a real gift!
I bought my mom and sister and I matching diamond pendants to signify our unity as a family and as women. ❀

What did you do for Christmas?








Moving right along to New Year’s Eve… I spent my time putting together this dresser runner for the bedroom. I have quite an admiration and obsession for civil war reproduction prints and fabric, it was a no brainer making the runner using those fabrics!

I chose the Ohio Star because it’s simple but still appealing. I spent a few days on it, it was foreign working with such a long runner but it all worked out!

As I was sewing the binding on, I wondered how many people actually hand sew the back of their binding… Do you machine sew your binding ENTIRELY? Or do you machine sew the front and hand sew the back? What’s easiest? Well, a better question is what’s fastest!? Lol

I’m all about get it done and get it done NOW!

As the clock struck midnight, I had a glass full of champagne next to my recliner as I sewed my binding on! What a great way to ring in the new year, SEWING!

Happy New Year to you all! It’s going to be a great year, I just know it!

Toodles for now,
Diana, Timmy, Jeanie and Ray ❀


7 thoughts on “And so 2014 is here!

  1. Love all your kitty pics! Great job on the runner and really like your fabrics. I machine sew on 2.5-inch folded binding and then hand stitch it to the back. It takes longer, but I think gives a more polished look to the end quilt. Happy New Year!


  2. i’m also all about just getting it done. i machine stitch my binding to the front, then i press it to the backside. i use my stitch in the ditch foot to stay super close to the seam on the front and catch the bit on the back. it’s not always perfect, and the corners usually look like a child did them, but it gets the job done. i’d like to try hand-sewing my binding to the back, but i’d rather try it on a small quilt first, just in case i don’t enjoy it.


  3. I usually machine stitch the binding to the front and hand sew on the back. Especially for table runners, I think it makes the piece lay much flatter. Your kitties are sure cute! Happy New Year!


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