Road 2 California Quilter’s Conference

As some of you may know, Road 2 CA is “The Best in the West”! After I heard that, there was no doubt that I was going to be attending that quilt show/ quilters conference in Ontario!! Before I get into my exciting Road 2 CA blogpost, I want to officially announce that I am working for Eleanor Burns and Quilt in a Day. Many … Continue reading Road 2 California Quilter’s Conference

And so 2014 is here!

Can you tell that I’m attempting to catch up on old posts?! Here are some Christmas pictures I MEANT to share around Christmas time but am just now getting to it. Lol I figured they’re cute enough, that sharing them after new year is still okay! 😛 I dressed up my babies as Mrs. Claws, Rudolph the reindeer and Santa’s elf for Christmas. The photo … Continue reading And so 2014 is here!

Happy holidays to all! My holiday season “update” 🎄

How is everyone’s holiday season going? I’ve gotten so busy decorating for the holidays, planning what I’m doing with my family for Christmas and trying to divide up my time with all of my siblings! My blog “Ray’s sew Crafty” is turning into “Ray’s sew Lazy”!!! BUT I am happy to announce that this Christmas season I learned and made 17 Christmas stockings! Oh and … Continue reading Happy holidays to all! My holiday season “update” 🎄

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble-Gobble!!

I’ve had such a busy month this past month, but I am happy to announce that I am doing what I love for a living : quilting, crafting and blogging! Never did I ever expect any of this to happen when I decided to teach myself how to hand quilt 4 months ago! A big Thank You to all of my friends, readers and followers … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble-Gobble!!

Thank God for Hometowns <3

After moving out of my parents house, a little over two years ago, I left El Sereno and never looked back… I was so tired of that tiny community, growing up everyone knew me and my family, and I [felt] just suffocated by it all; When I had to opportunity to move away and explore something other than my hometown, I did. In hindsight, I … Continue reading Thank God for Hometowns ❤