Thank God for Hometowns <3


After moving out of my parents house, a little over two years ago, I left El Sereno and never looked back… I was so tired of that tiny community, growing up everyone knew me and my family, and I [felt] just suffocated by it all; When I had to opportunity to move away and explore something other than my hometown, I did. In hindsight, I do regret not staying in touch with my family and friends, but with my head screwed on the right way now, I’m making the attempt to reach out again and visit more! Today was one of those days, and it really made me feel better! πŸ™‚
I drove to LA, driving on freeways and streets I hadn’t in YEARS! … Almost getting teary-eyed while driving past the church my momma took me to when I was 9.. Catching glimpse of some of the mini markets and McDonald’s signs really brought back a lot of good, and some bad memories, but good mainly. And it felt.. Comfortable! It really did.. I’m not too sure why, but I felt at home again.

The plan was to pick up my little sister, to be part of the audience for the recording of America’s Funniest Home Videos, around 4 pm to be in Manhattan Beach Studios by the 6 pm arrival time. I was by Cal State LA and decided to pick up my sister from school. She attends the Charter High School on the University campus, I like to brag that she’s very smart, holding a 4.22 GPA in her school! I drove around the campus while waiting for her class to end; have you visited your hometown and just are shocked by how much has changed since you left?

I did.. I picked up my sister, and it felt like I hadn’t move out or been estranged for two years.. It felt nice. Having feeling guilty for so long for not seeing my family as often as I should, it felt very nice to know that my sister doesn’t hold that against me..
I took her to my parents house, so that she can change and get ready for the show. In the meantime, I got my car washed at the local car wash next to my parents house.
Funny… The men who worked there worked hand in hand with my dad, and all my life they’d say “oh, we won’t forget you, you’re always smiling and all!”. Two years later, I pull up and ask for a car wash, and no one recognizes me. Lol
I wasn’t too offended because I was well-dressed, like always, and well, I’m older and mature and I didn’t expect to still be seen as a child! I walked over to my parents house, my dad working in the garage, and he was shocked to see me. He knew I was coming, but, I guess, didn’t expect me to actually show up.

Our past has been a bumpy road, and there’s still some unsettled leaves in the air, but he had this huge smile on his face and gave me a big hug. He felt tired, smaller almost. When I lived there, he always looked so big and strong and intimidating. I went into the house, saw my momma, happy to see me, as always. I love her hugs, I regret not telling her” I love You” as a child. I hope to change that and tell her now, because as they say:” All we have is Now”. As my sister was getting ready to go, my mom, still being a mom: “do you have gas in your car? Are you hungry? Do you know where you’re going? Is your make up ok? Do you need eyeliner? Here take an eyeliner, oh and a lip pencil! And do have water to drink? Are you sure you’re not hungry?”, oh I love my momma! πŸ™‚




My sister, Staphany, and I made our way south to Manhattan Beach Studios. We stopped at a little place called San-Sai for a bite to eat before the show, and it was fun! πŸ™‚ We’ve always gotten along and made each other laugh! We haven’t really had a meal together since I moved out, so as we sat to eat here I start to pick out the veggies in my noodles, and she says “still picky about your food, I see!!” and I laugh! I’ve always been a picky eater… I’m not a big fan of veggies, I don’t like my foods touching, I’m just complicated, and not because I chose to be! I just am.

Arriving at the recording studio, we stood in line for a while, getting ready to be taken to our seats. They don’t allow cameras or “devices” in the studio, so I couldn’t take pictures AT ALL of me and my sister’s outing! But it’s ok, the memories are very vivid in my mind<3 The recording was about two hours long, and it was fun to hang out with my sister and be a part of the audience for America's Funniest Videos! That show was something we watched together as kids growing up, so it was definitely a memorable experience to have been in the audience for a show that is so close to our hearts!
Have you been to recordings/ part of the audience for any show? πŸ™‚
I've been to a handful of Deal or No Deal shows, those were fun!
As for my sister, she’d never been to a recording, so it was quite the event for her. There was a host entertaining the audience, in between recording with the REAL host, Tom Bergeon. He is a very attractive man! I remember thinking he was cute when I was a kid, and now seeing him in person, ohh! He is much cuter in person! Lol I admire his humor, in between recording the show, he would talk to the audience and joke around. My goodness, this man is incredible! If he wasn’t married already, I would’ve definitely tied this man down and call him my husband!

As he was standing by me, recording the intro to the show [which is airing NOVEMBER 3rd], I asked for his autograph.

Now I know this sounds a bit weird, but I , now, always carry a solid piece of paper or stub and a permanent marker to get someone’s autograph! Lol is that weird?
In this case, I asked him to sign my audience ticket, and he gladly did, shortly after he looked me in the eye and said “Thanks for joining us on the show today” , EEEEP!! πŸ™‚
I liked that.. Lol
I can’t wait for the show to air, I’m excited to see my sister and I on tv!!!

One thing I am persuaded of, is that I will, and mark my words, I WILL be on TV and be more than just an audience member one day ! I am motivated to do just about anything to get a set and be on tv, wether that means I start out as a runner for the cast or as an assistant.
And after that, who knows, maybe one day I’ll have my own segment somewhere! πŸ™‚
Then you can say ” hey, I followed her blog when she first started out! I know her!”.

As this post comes to a closing, I just want to say that I love and miss my hometown dearly. I don’t want to forget where I came from, and I’m grateful to be able to go back NOW and still be a part of things. Don’t miss out in what your hometown is becoming or has become, visit often, love your family and enjoy your life ❀

I leave you with, another, snippet of Eleanor Burns Bed Turning and Tea event! πŸ™‚
I am still working on a more in depth post about the event, I hope to post that tomorrow!
As well as that goodie bag giveaway, including an AUTOGRAPHED copy of her latest book, “Quilts from El’s Kitchen” ! So do stay tuned for that!
The video link to the event is here. See if you can spot me sitting in the front row!
I made El that wallhanging, which she shares in the beginning of the event and even gives my sweet baby Ray and I a shout out[minute 28:05]!

Thank you all for reading!

Toodles for now,
Diana and Ray<3


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