Thank God for Hometowns <3

After moving out of my parents house, a little over two years ago, I left El Sereno and never looked back… I was so tired of that tiny community, growing up everyone knew me and my family, and I [felt] just suffocated by it all; When I had to opportunity to move away and explore something other than my hometown, I did. In hindsight, I … Continue reading Thank God for Hometowns ❤

“Life Before His Eyes” – My ponderings..

I had scheduled to post this tomorrow, but due to my Quilt-Magic post just somehow disappearing, I am posting this tonight. I will be re-typing that Quilt-Magic post and re-posting hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s an insight to my life and my thoughts. I hope it helps you see where I come from and just know a little bit more about me. NCIS is … Continue reading “Life Before His Eyes” – My ponderings..