The Quilt Festival day two: I bought some goodies! :)

So day two at the quilt festival AND I’M HAVING A BLAST!

Every time I come, I meet new people and just want to stay here all day, but thanks to the parking meter today, I was only allowed about two hours to shop at the festival. Boo!

Luckily, I got ALMOST everything that I wanted. I was glad to have gone to yesterdays preview night, today was beyond full! I’ve never seen so many woman filling the aisles and standing their ground for a pattern, but if it was a pattern I absolutely loved, I’d stand my ground too!

Yesterday I collected business cards and noted booth number of things I was going to purchase through the weekend. I was warmly welcomed by most, my kitty shirt from yesterday was a hit and a great conversation starter. Also a great way to mention my blog! Most people were so excited to hear about my quilting/ crafting journey, documenting it and were interested in reading my blog; I was very happy and excited to have new followers and quilting friends!

I bought a handful of patterns, kits and fabric; I made sure to ask if its okay to mention their store and post pictures on my blog, when I craft what I bought, and almost everyone was so enthusiastic about it and said yes (Who wouldn’t want free advertisement??).

But one booth in particular had me regret even asking.. I was taken aback by the defensive response: “Absolutely not, I haven’t updated my website, so please just don’t take any pictures and don’t post anything on your blog!” .. They had a very pretty colorful kitty quilt kit that I WANTED to purchase, but not after that… I don’t own a quilt shop but IF I DID, I would treat every person as a potential customer, and well, I just wouldn’t have done what this one woman in particular did.. I’m still saddened by her response because I really did like that quilt kit, but I refuse to give my business to unkind people..

Aside this minor event, the rest of the booths have been great!!

I found so many beautiful quilt kits and I struggle to not buy them all!! I do have about over a dozen quilt kits now, so I am trying to control myself and not buy more until I’m done with the ones I already have, but a girl can still look 😛

photo_1I bought this gorgeous quilt kit from The Quilt Cupboard  , located in Garden Grove, CA.

It’s a “Rumbling Rose” pattern in precious peach hues and patterned fabric. I just absolutely love it! And Sheri, the store owner, is kind as can be! Check our her store’s website and contact her to buy yourself a “Rumbling Rose” kit by clicking here.


I am a big fan of ANYTHING DR.SEUSS so when I saw this yesterday, I knew I had to come back for it. Quilt’n’Things  , from Montrose, CA, actually has a variety of Dr. Seuss kits that I was interested in, but unfortunately for me, I was too late to take advantage of those precious kits today. I managed to still get this one and I just love it!

The kit is called “Oh the places You’ll go” and you can contact them to get more details on how you can own it too by clicking here. They also sell JANOME Sewing machines, KOALA sewing cabinets & chairs and many more quilting notions,kits and patterns!


photo_23I’m sure that by now , you’re catching onto the fact that I am just head over heels in love with ANYTHING CATS! So when I saw this, I just had to have it, it looks just like my boy TIMMY!

Pieceful Designs , from Eugene, OR,  has so many original design patterns and kits and I couldn’t have been more excited browsing their booth! Not only do they have easy , unique and affordable patterns, but they also have ready to go kits! There’s so many designs for pet lovers, like me, children patterns, cute cupcake pincushion kits and adorable patterns on things you can use around your home like oven mitts and wine bags!

Check out their website to order some cute patterns and kits here, as well as their blog here.


Isn’t this yo-yo American Flag adorable?

I am very patriotic about my country! 🙂

My Red Door Designs , an online shop, is a shop filled with such pretty quilt kits and fabric! I was welcomed and asked about my blog, we also chatted about the Road to California Quilter’s conference coming up in January. My goodness, the more that I meet quilters and quilt shops, the more I aspire to be a humble quilter and crafter and MAYBE even own a shop someday, who knows. 🙂

Find beautiful patterns, kits and fabric here and read up on their cool blog here. 

Thank you again to everyone at the quilt festival who has welcomed me with open arms, I hope to not disappoint anyone in my crafting and blogging<3


When I approached Linda at Sew-blessed , I was just sucked in by all the baby quilt kits and their purse and hot pad kits! They have such a wide variety of embroidery designs ready to use and did I struggle to not buy their cat designs! I had to restrain myself from making more purchases today, but sunday I WILL BE BACK! 😀

I found this cute little “Snap-a-bag” kit that I just thought was adorable!

Check out her website and see more kits, patterns and embroidery designs here.


I’ve never made a pincushion before because they just look SO intimidating!! Well, I found PlumEasy Patterns , from Modesto, CA, and I AM READY TO TACKLE A PINCUSHION! 🙂

She gave me a step-by-step demonstration on how to make this easy pin cushion and I just knew that I had to bring one home and give it a go! 🙂 I bought this cute bee design, the pattern and template, and these ground walnut shells for the filling. I’m excited to make this and I’m convinced that it will give me no trouble!

Find more adorable kits and patterns AND even a tutorial and a FREE pattern here!

photo_4I came across Nancy at the Kenzie Mac & Co. (from Scottsdale, AZ) booth yesterday and found these adorable “wee-beings”. After talking with Nancy about my blog, she mentioned her and her daughter’s ( Lauren) blog , and offered me this pattern to craft and feature on my blog! 🙂 I was so excited to craft one of these little wee-beings because not only is it a neat way for your kids to create their own little friends, but you can also keep it in the freezer and use it to cool a minor booboo! 🙂 How cute is that?

Stay tuned to see my KITTY RAY wee-being! 🙂

In the meantime, check out their website ( ) , Nancy’s blog here and her daughter, Lauren’s blog here.

photo_17This little kit caught my attention not only with he cat, but the leg and the red slipper like in Wizard of oz! And I really like the Wizard of Oz!

The Little Red Hen , from Muscatine, IA, has this pretty pattern  kitted up and looks like its going to be fun to put together! They had so many adorable patterns and kits that I could not browse through them all yesterday, OR today, but I will be back Sunday!

Go to their website and get some adorable patterns and kits here and check out their blog [too] here.

photo_2A cute “My Kitty Cat says…” pattern to make with wool from Heart to Hand ( Silverado, CA) .

🙂 I’ve never worked with wool, but I’m excited about this kitty pattern!

Check out their shop here.

photo_3 Another cute “Sitting Pretty” cat pattern from By Kay Mackenzie (Online shop) .

Check out applique books and patterns at her shop here and read up on her fun blog here!

photo_26photo_9Last but definitely not least, I bought a Cheryl Ann’s Design wall(from Keno OR)! It is such a great concept and helps a lot when you have furry babies, like my Ray, rearranging your fabric pieces to THEIR liking! I saw this and just had to have one in my new crafty room! Sonya and her husband are such humble, down to earth people, that just made this purchase more pleasant! 🙂

I love this new design wall so much, that I will feature it in a post soon to show you why this can help you greatly as a quilter and sewer! 🙂

Read more about this great creation on their website here and stay tuned for more information and pictures on my blog soon!

photo_31Oh and I found adorable kitty stationery and play cards! 🙂

I’ve had so much at the quilt festival, I can’t wait to see what the Iron Quilter Challenge has in store for me tomorrow!

What do you think of the quilt festival so far?



2 thoughts on “The Quilt Festival day two: I bought some goodies! :)

    1. Oh my goodness yes!!! Lol I went on preview night and gathered booths numbers and list of things I wanted, went back yesterday, got MOST of what I wanted; FOUND MORE things to buy tomorrow! Lol
      I’m excited!! 🙂


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