“Wee-beings” by Kenzie Mac & Co. :)

At the quilt festival I met Nancy, co-owner of her shop with her daughter Lauren, Kenzie Mac & Co. They have such adorable patterns and kits for kids clothes, totes, aprons and many more! And all of their products are MADE IN AMERICA! Big plus!

“Kenzie Mac & Co. was inspired after the birth of a precious baby girl named Mackenzie. Mackenzie’s mom[Lauren] and grandma[Nancy] began creating clothes for her to wear and accessories for her bedroom. After numerous friends, family and strangers inquired about some of these items Kenzie Mac and Co. was formed. ” [excerpt from About us section at kenziemac.com]

Their philosophy : “We enjoy creating our products by combining both vintage and new materials to create something unique with a timeless appeal. Our customers appreciate that they are receiving a quality item made with love and care.”

As for this pattern, the wee-being ,I decided to make a kitty for Ray! You can get creative and use colorful scraps and trims! Stitch them up in minutes and then fill it with some uncooked rice and VIOLA!
Wee-beings can be little friends for your child, a cute paper weight for your desk, or keep it in the freezer and cool down your child’s booboo with their favorite wee-being.

They are so easy to make! The pattern comes with shapes to cutout for eyes, ears and more. Simply gather scraps of fabric, trims, ribbon, tulle ,a cup of uncooked rice and anything else your child would like to “dress up” the wee-being as.

This is the perfect project to teach your children how to sew , simply sew your eyes and ears with wide eye needle and some 6 strand DMC floss.

Attach the ears and arms (if your children decided they’ll have arms πŸ˜› ) and leave an opening for the rice. Fill up your wee-being with rice, stitch it up and your done!


Even Raymond is impressed at how easy and adorable these wee-beings are!
The possibilities are endless with this pattern! Get creative, pull out your scraps, and let your kids create little wee-beings!
Head to kenziemac.comfor a great pattern on this wee-being, materials for this project and to browse their other patterns! Trust me, you will start loading up your cart with such original, unique and adorable patterns and materials!! πŸ™‚
Also , make sure you visit Nancy’s blog (here) and her daughter , Lauren’s blog (here) to see what they’re up to! They’re so creative, always making things for baby Mackenzie !
Thank you for reading!

Toodles for now,
Diana and Ray<3

Here’s a neat picture of me, my Kitty Ray wee-being and Nancy herself! πŸ™‚

Also in the mix, is her close friend Linda! πŸ™‚ These ladies have made my visits to the quilt festival unforgettable with their friendship and kindness, thank you Nancy and Linda!


2 thoughts on ““Wee-beings” by Kenzie Mac & Co. :)

  1. Thanks. Nancy and Linda enjoyed meeting you at the Quilt show too! We are glad you had a great time and met lots of nice people at the show. Keep up the good work and creativity with your blog.


    1. You’re very welcome! I was uber excited to make there little wee beings , so I thank you for the opportunity!
      The patterns on your website are fun and adorable, I hope to order some soon after I tackle the TALL pile of projects I’m currently working on! Hehe
      I’m still trying to balance out blogging and crafting and taking quilting classes, but I’ll catch up eventually!
      People like you ,two ,motivate me to continue crafting and blogging and have fun along the way! So thank you again and talk to you soon!


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