What I’m working on :)

OK! I’ve been so busy with SO many things! But I will do a brief run through as to what I’ve been up to and what you can expect soon! As you know, I bought some foam tiles and “installed them with Raymond, Jeanie and my amazing contractors help! 🙂 My contractor also put perforated hardboard, AKA pegboards, on both of my walls in my … Continue reading What I’m working on 🙂

Pendant light for quilting- WHERE TO BUY ONE!

Hello hello everyone, I do apologize for my absence on my blog, I’ve been very busy! 🙂 But updates coming very very soon! One thing that has been eating up my time is this “pendant light for quilting” that I saw in this zippy strippy video by Quilt Crafts… This woman has a neat lamp hanging around her neck, that has a 6 foot cord, … Continue reading Pendant light for quilting- WHERE TO BUY ONE!