Our review on Twin Critters Kitty Kubby , donating Stretch And Scratch scratchers AND we’re giving away a kitty cave and treats! 

How is everyone doing this fine Whisker Wednesday? 🙂

We are so excited about this post because it’s loaded with many good things! Thank you for following along! 

First, we’d love to show you our new cat caves / KittyKubbi’s from Twin Critters! As a household of 7 kitties, there aren’t many things we agree on. BUT they all enjoy these cat beds! Some enjoy sitting inside of the caves, some smash it down and lay on it! Whichever way they’re feeling, this bed has got their back! 

 A bit about Twin Critters : HANDCRAFTED: Each cat cave is meticulously handcrafted in Nepal from 100% all-natural New Zealand wool. 

LARGE: This spacious hideout is great for cats of all sizes — from kittens to mancoons

COMFORTABLE: Super soft yet durable, wool creates a resting place that keeps your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer

ALSO A MAT: Can be used as a cozy hideaway pod or flattened into a relaxing padded mat

CHEMICAL FREE: Using an ancient technique called felting, artisans mold each KittiKubbi using only water, soap, and merino wool. 

Please check out Twin Critters shop (https://www.amazon.com/Twin-Critters/pages/14855231011 ) and follow them on Instagram for fun posts about their neat products! @TwinCritters 

Next on the agenda , LipSense! 

I recently joined SeneGence International because I am just in LOVE with their LipSense lip colors!! I am currently sharing my love of LipSense on my Facebook group “Radiant Lips by Ray“. If you would like to learn more about this miracle lipstick that stays on for 4 to 18 hours, doesn’t smudge off, smear, is kiss proof, will stand the test of time during your errands, workouts, shower, eating and drinking, come join my group ! I think every woman should have a lipstick that doesn’t come off half an hour after applying. I’d love to share this with you , if you’re interested in more information, please let me know. 🙂 


Thanks to my new LipSense business , we are able to have a little extra to help donate to our local shelter! You might have guessed that we are crazy cat people… lol and we really enjoy helping out our local shelters as we are able. 

For the entire month of August, being my Birth month and all, part of the proceeds from my LipSense sales will go towards a donation of cat scratchers to our local shelter! 

Now you can buy lipstick AND help a kitty in need! 

My friend Joan invented these scratchers called Stretch & Scratch and they are revolutionary for cats in shelters!  These scratchers were designed to help kitties stretch and scratch in their little cages while they wait to be adopted. We have donated these to our local shelter in California and when we went in to share these with the kitties in the cattery, they just lit up with excitement for these scratchers! 

A bit about Stretch & Scratch from her website www.Stretchandscratch.com :

RELIEVES STRESS : Keeps cats exercised & entertained. Encourages natural behaviors. Enrichment for quarantine cages. 

EASY TO INSTALL : Attaches to most cage doors. Saves floor space. 2 twist ties fasten securely. Send home with cat when adopted. 

GLUED-IN PAD : Tough corrugated material for long use. No rice paper, all scratchers are NOT the same!

If you can’t volunteer at your local shelter, donate some scratchers to their cat room! Joan will ship directly to your local shelter , just provide the shelters information during checkout and Joan does the rest! She’s so amazing! 

If you CANNOT volunteer OR donate to your local shelter , please LIKE and SHARE our posts to help reach potential donors! That would be greatly appreciated ! 

Please visit Joan’s website (www.StretchAndScratch.com )  to donate scratchers to your local shelter and for more fun posts follow them on Instagram @StretchAndScratch

Now for the GIVEAWAY part! Yay! 

We will be giving away a KittiKubbi to one lucky pet! The KittiKubbi will come along with a bag of treats and a few kitty toys! **Cat Scratchers and cats are NOT included in prize! ** 

To enter : 

-follow us on Instagram @TheMillerCats  , @TwinCritters and @StretchAndScratch 

OR like our pages on Facebook “Radiant Lips by Ray” and “Twin Critters” 

-tell us what is your pets favorite hiding spot 

And that’s it! 

You get bonus entries if you :

-Subscribe to my blog 

-Share our giveaway on your social media page! Make sure to leave a comment here to let us know that you shared our giveaway! 

One entry per share ! You can share on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc! 


Cat Cave provided by Twin Critters! 

Treats and toys provided by us! 

The winner will be selected at random Sunday evening! 
Open to our furriends everywhere! 


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