“The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns” by Barbara Brackman and my Crows Nest Quilt. 

Do you come across any quilt blocks or quilt tops and wonder “What pattern is that?”. 

I certainly did when I bought my first antique quilt blocks! I was a newbie to quilting and knew nothing about patterns. 

Behold, the “Encyclopedia of pieced Quilt patterns”. This book is AMAZING!! I mean, just, AMAZING! Any block or pattern there ever was is in here, catalogued in such a user friendly way! I’m not a pattern wiz but I can navigate this book full of fascinating information. From quilt blocks to learning when they were first introduced , and by who, is so neat to read about! I like to leisurely “read” about quilt blocks or look blocks up on my projects. 

I’m currently looking up blocks in relation to my current project , the mischief Quilt by Karen the DIY Addict. 

One of my favorite things about Eleanor is that she often tells a historic story behind her quilts and classes. This one in particular I love! This quilt is called “Crow’s nest” and is a pattern in her new book “Quilts from El’s Attic”. While I was attending her block parties , this one caught my eye and ya’ want to know what my first thought was? 

…” That would be an amazing quilt with cats on it!”🐱❤

Can we say this together : #CrazyCatLady? 😹

Thank goodness for Lecien Fabrics who had just come out with this pretty “Radiant Girl” line. It has cats, metallics and hearts, what more can I ask for? 

With my kitties’ and amazing husband’s support, I went off to the races making this quilt. Those triangles were a bit fussy to square up… squaring up triangles has never been a favorite part of anything for me. Lol it takes so long… but they make for a nice quilt when you do it right! 
This quilt top is done but sitting in my UFO pile while we unpack… it’ll get done soon!  🙊

I just found this trending hashtag and I love it!

#HusbandsHoldingQuilts , it’s perfect for this! 👆🏻😻❤

Hashtags have really revolutionaized our social interactions. I’ll admit that I was a bit hesitant to hashtag my posts but now , after seeing how you can discover other like-minded people under hashtags, I love it! 

What do you think about hashtags? 

Toodles for now, 

– Diana & Brad, Jeanie & Raymond<3


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