The #MischiefQuilt by Karen at The DIY Addict! (And a WINNER!) 

And the winner is…  Jessica AND Amy!! 🐱❤ Surprise: we have goodies for everyone!! 🌱 Every kitty deserves some Purrvana Kitty Kush! 😊

 (Please email me your mailing address and I’ll get these out in the next day or two! 

For today’s #MakeSomething Monday , I’ll be posting about my current obsession: Karen’s Mischief Quilt ,that is paper pieced!! Karen , at The DIY Addict , has created this brilliant pattern that is composed of 4 shapes and has the possibility of 4 DIFFERENT variation patterns!

That’s 4 patterns in one! ❤ 

(I first learned about English paper piecing in 2014 , blog post here , and have been hooked ever since! If you’d like to peruse some of the projects I’ve made, just search “paper” on my blogs search bar and a few posts will come up. )

Karen and I met , back then , while liking #EnglishPaperPiecing and #PaperPiecingEverywhere posts on Instagram! We both were paper piecing and posting about it and connected that way and now I’m excited to be able to work on something that SHE designed! 

If you haven’t seen her page, check it out, she is so talented! She has made so many incredible quilts and projects, but my favorite is her Passacaglia quilt. It is just stunning! (Karen’s Website / Instagram @KarenTheDIYaddict / Facebook group : The DIY Addict Quilts

A bit about Karen [excerp from her website “About Us” page]: “Even though she has had an eventful career, her passion for sewing never left. In her spare time, Karen always had at least one sewing project in progress. While researching a new quilting project, she came across English Paper Piecing. Karen fell in love with the intricacies and designs that could be achieved with the La Passacaglia Quilt. But the decision to start the La Passacaglia came when she found the dedicated community behind the quilt. English Paper Piecing came to Karen naturally, but the fact that it was a social craft, was the perfect fit.” 


Now, I realize that while I have dozens of other projects that I have to finish… but I simply could not refrain from starting this one! It’s exciting! 😝 

Am I the only one who feels an adreline rush when starting a new project? Thoroughly enjoying the planning phase, fabric picking phase?! I can’t help it! Lol Of course, hubby just wants me to finish SOMETHING… ONE THING , he says. Gosh, he really loves me! 

I have several Civil war reproduction quilts in progress, a modern Tula Pink quilt..And a few others that are not very “loud” in color. 

This time, I thought : “Let it be bold and loud… let it be RED!” 

And I remembered this bright red “Rocky road to Kansas” quilt from Eleanor’s Bed Turning Tea ( , and I just knew that this Mischief Quilt will be red and scrappy with 30’s prints! 

What do you think ? 

Do you have any tips about working with red fabrics? Do you have a red quilt or a “Rocky road to Kansas” quilt that you’d like to share pictures of? I’d love to see it! 😻

Deciding on a theme for the quilt is as far as I’ve gotten… but I will be posting my progress as it comes together. 

From our family to yours, we would like to wish y’all a very happy Spring! 💐🐱💕

Toodles for now, 

-Diana , Raymond and Audrey ❤


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