Where is Ray?

As I begin my journey in the quilting world and putting myself out there, I often get asked [ about my blog with Raymond] “Where is Ray?”!

This page will be a collection of pictures of quilters and authors I’ve met, places I’ve been to and events I’ve attended. All dedicated to Raymond who is at home waiting to hear about my escapades!


Jerry Granata (1/23/14)
Meet Jerry Granata, a retired Navy veteran, artist and quilter. An Award Winning Quilter at that!
After retiring from the Navy, he settled down in Palm Springs, CA where quilting became his passion.

Jerry, a renowned quilter and entertainer, sang the National Anthem at Road to California on opening day! Follow him on Facebook here.

Bob Purcell (1/26/14)
While attending Road to California, I had to pleasure to meet Bob Purcell, President and Co-Founder of Superior Threads! I took his “Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob” seminar and the knowledge I gained made my ENTIRE trip worth it!

Bob will help you resolve any frustration with all types of threads and solve most problems you have experienced with threads!
You can find his very educational videos on Superior Threads website here!

Laura Nownes and Diana McClun (1/26/14)
This is Laura Nownes and Diana McClun, both quilters, teachers, authors and designers!

In 1986 Diana approached Laura Nownes about co-authoring a beginning how-to book. The book was intended to be used just in the shop, however, it was chosen by local publisher Michael Kile of The Quilt Digest Press and shortly thereafter, Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! was born. The huge, immediate success of this book encouraged Diana and Laura to continue writing.

You can find Laura’s website here and Diana’s website here!

Alex Anderson (1/26/14)
Raymond found Alex Anderson and her adorable new fabric line, by RJR Fabrics, called Flutter!

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