#EnglishPaperPiecing is amazing!

I have recently discovered this hashtag on Instagram and I am hooked! I had tried some hexagon paper pieces at Road 2 California, but I never really found the joy in it. And then one day, I went to class and saw my friend, Sally, working on this adorable pattern! She was kind enough to give me the pattern and paper pieces once she finished … Continue reading #EnglishPaperPiecing is amazing!

A quilt for my sister- “Boxed Squares”

This is a quilt that I’ve been “working on” since June… Lol After finishing my first hand quilted kitty quilt, I decided to make quilts for my family too. So this one is for my little sister, it’s a Boxed Squares quilt using a pastel jelly roll from Joan’s. I decided to make this quilt bigger, instead of making 10 rows of 8 squares , … Continue reading A quilt for my sister- “Boxed Squares”