My January AccuQuilt Project 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all had a great end of the year for 2015 and a fun start to the new year 2016! 

I certainly did! Before the 2015 year ended, Brad and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon! A first time for both us and it turned out to be a trip that we will never forget!  

We spent the weekend at the Grand Canyon , taking a hiking/bus tour for a full day. It was amazing! 



 When we returned home, I was so inspired to make something to remember our trip and AccuQuilt was king enough to give me that opportunity. I got to play with AccuQuilt’s new Qube set and my project is posted on their blog today :

I appreciate your comments and feedback! I hope to finish more projects this year, what are you working on? 🙂 
(Pictures of my trip to follow if my wifi allows it , thanks for reading!)

Toodles for now, 

-Diana & Ray ❤ 


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