New Dies from AccuQuilt and a Block Party Blog Hop


AccuQuilt has new Dies this Spring, and they look like so much fun! (You can take a look at them, and buy them, here.)
I was more than happy to participate in their Block Party Blog Hop featuring one of their new dies! 🙂
Everyday, from May 19-30 , a blogger will post and share inspirational projects you can make using the new dies! I will provide the list of the bloggers soon, my “blog hop” day is the 30th. So come check out what I’m going to do! I will show you the beginning stages of what I’m thinking about doing. 🙂

I chose the Flowering Snowball die, a 12″ finished block. I have the drunkards path die and I enjoy sewing curves thanks to AccuQuilt. Those little notches on the curves make it fun to sew curves!


I have had these “Strawberry, Blueberries and Chocolate” fat quarters/ scraps for a while now and hadn’t really known what to do with them.

Picking my fabric is what took the longest, because cutting my pieces was a breeze!
I probably spent close to an hour selecting my fabric for my blocks, deciding on wether I wanted a solid background or flower background and what centers I wanted on my blocks.
And then I cut my fabric in about 5 minutes!
But hey, color choices are very important, specially if I was going to use up my scraps, I want it to look scrappy but coordinated. If that makes any sense!



After I had all my pieces cut, I got to sewing away and getting my curves done! These little notches are so helpful! I am discovering quite an enjoyment in sewing curves. I love this die, the drunkards path die, I even paper piece Apple cores!







Constructing the blocks was very easy, Ray and little Jeanie were around to “supervise” me.
I still haven’t decided if I’m making this a lap quilt or a full sized quilt.
I will continue playing around with my blocks and let you know what I make on my “blog hop” day!

Do you own an AccuQuilt cutter? Are you excited about a specific new die?

Toodles for now,
Diana, Jeanie and Ray<3


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