My NO-SEW Labor Day Weekend: Sewing machine “repair”, LA County Fair and a sale at Joann’s !!

I have had my hands tied since Friday, resulting in very few posts. Sorry about that!
But as you will see, I didn’t even have time to sew this Labor Day weekend. I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise because I really have been lacking sleep due to sewing until 4am. So this weekend was definitely my weekend off, I even scored on some deals at Joann’s Labor Day sale!

So on Friday I decided to try appliqué for the first time. It was quite the learning experience, after watching a billion youtube tutorials, I tackled appliqué head on! I bought this pattern,Sitting Pretty, at the quilt festival from By Kay Mackenzie. She has so many adorable patterns, I definitely plan on getting some more soon!
I’m obsessed with her blog, if you like appliqué , you should check it out here.
I will be making a post later on this pattern/ wall hanging with more details! 🙂

After appliquéing my kitties, I started to put together my borders using my quarter inch seam foot, and some how I jammed it… I finished sewing this wall hanging with my regular J foot[general purpose zig zag foot], then tried to use my quarter inch foot again and it banged the needle into the foot a couple times, made a loud GRRR sound and stopped working. I got so paranoid that it was going to explode on me, I just turned it off and retired for the night.


I wake up Saturday morning, determined to prepare the batting, backing and binding to complete this piece, but when I walked into my crafty room and turned the light switch on, nothing came on.. There’s no power in my crafty room.. I though it was maybe something in the breaker box, but everything seemed to be just fine in there, but still no power in my crafty room. My contractor insisted on coming over right away, but because I knew I’d be out all day and then Sunday going to the LA County Fair, and today being Labor Day,I just asked him to come on Tuesday at his leisure.
After getting off of the phone with him, I drove over to the quilt cupboard to get my sewing machine looked at. Steve is so awesome! His wife, Jill, is also my quilting 101 teacher, I like to call them the Dream Team! They’re amazing!
Steve got my machine “fixed” and I also bought a walking foot and a free
motion transparent foot
. I hope to practice and someday be able to free motion quilt a piece!
I started to try to free motion some curves and some little circles in a line.. Lol I have A LOT TO PRACTICE! 🙂
But I’m excited to try new things and make my projects more fun!

The rest of my Saturday was spent working on this beautiful American Flag kit by Quilt-Magic.
It’s an easy no-sew kit! I will be posting about this project, a little more, later.


On Sunday, off I went to the LA County Fair to meet up with my family for a day of fun in the really HOT sun! Lol Due to it being opening weekend for the fair, tickets were $1 from 10am to 1pm, nice deal!




We had so much fun getting on the rides and playing some carnival games! It was so hot, we had to spend some time going in and out of the air conditioned booths! Oh my mom always offering water bottles to stay hydrated, I couldn’t have asked for a better momma<3
We found this man with a fun shirt, I had to get a picture with him!! "this is my happy face!" I LOVE IT!! 🙂



Can you believe the things they cook now a days!?!?! Fried Oreos, fried cookie dough, fried bacon wrapped pickles, even fried KLONDIKE BARS!!!!
I wish I had the courage to have tried any of these to give my verdict, but I did not. 😛 would you have tried any of these?
Although, their Krispy Kreme cheese burger was tempting to try!




I did a quick run through Crafters Village! 🙂 I thought these little fabric pastry glass cases were adorable!




We all love animals and had a great time in the big red barn. They had two momma pigs with their piglets, how cute!!



While my crazy little brother took a ride on this canopy tour like glider, I got a caricature done. 🙂
I was beyond amazed when I saw my caricature!! I simply asked for a caricature with the setting of a sewing room or sewing machine, quilting with ray, and I got this!

How incredible is that!!?!? I absolutely love it! 🙂 I even got my blog’s name on top to frame in my crafty room.




After a long, fun-filled day, it was time to head home! I took a look at sky and thanked God for my family and everything in my life<3


Boy, after all that on Sunday, a good night’s sleep followed with my cuddle babies!
I had to rest up to score on some deals at Joann’s today!! Lol they have great discounts for Labor Day weekend!!














I got some great deals with this 20% off my entire purchase[coupon] INCLUDING SALE AND CLEARANCE ITEMS!! The interface/ appliqué web with paper backing was already 50% off, so I bought a bolt of Pellon wonder-under interface, although now I wish I had bough two bolts.. Oh well, I still went home with lots of goodies!!
They have these new CUTE picture book and plush doll panels[by Hugabook], I bought a few, one that will be a freebie soon ! So stay tuned for that!
I bought the Sew Squared block of the month quilt blocks and setting kit as well as a Love Cats paper quilt pattern by McCall! I couldn’t help myself! 😛
All of the quilting notions, rotary cutters, mats and tools were 50% off!!! In support of breast cancer awareness, I bought a handful of straight pins and ball head pins, also a pink Fiskars rotary cutter. I found this pink magnetic cutting board, not too sure what its for, but it’s pink and I can cut fabric on it! Lol
I also bought an extra big cutting mat to put on my quilters design table, I hope it fits. There’s still no power in my crafty room so I haven’t been in there to try and place the cutting mat on.
All of the scrapbooking books were half off, I scrapbook occasionally, so I bought a few books, one that will also be a freebie along with the picture book panel!
I bought a couple of yards of cheap red tag fabric to practice my free motion quilting! 🙂 they also had 3000 yd cones of thread for $1, so I bought a few for my free motion quilting practice. Not pictured are some big spools of gutermann cotton thread, a gutermann 26 spool pack of 26 different colors, a fabric cutting knife, some bins for fabric organizers and a couple more seam rippers. Lol you can never have too many seam rippers!
I also found this clear quilting thread, I’m not sure what its used for but I bought it to try. What is this generally used for?
Have you used this? Does is sew well through your sewing machine?
It seems to me that it’s like “invisible” thread, would this be good for appliqué ? 🙂
I would appreciate any feedback or comments on that!

After it all, I scored some great deals, saved a bundle and am ready for my crafty room to get some power and I’ll be crafting again in no time!! 🙂 Please stay tuned for a freebie that I will be posting tomorrow! It has been such a long weekend, I need some sleep, but I will post that freebie first thing tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!!!
Toodles for now,
Diana, Jeanie,Ray, my family & friends<3


8 thoughts on “My NO-SEW Labor Day Weekend: Sewing machine “repair”, LA County Fair and a sale at Joann’s !!

  1. I loved the county fairs when I loved in Cali. Fried everything. Squaw bread. Mini horses…there was always so much to see and do. Hopefully we’ll see some of your work entered in the fair next year!


    1. I love county fairs too! Not when it’s too hot, lol but still fun! 🙂
      I have yet to try anything fried , other than French fries, lol but one day! 🙂
      And awe, you are too kind!
      I am hoping to enter a piece for the Road 2 California Quilters conference in January, but still not sure. Lol I feel like I’m a beginner and don’t really have a chance to even get it on display, but we will see! 🙂
      Thank you for commenting!


    1. Oh it was so much fun, Marie! 🙂 the whole week before this Labor Day weekend I spent sewing in my crafty room, and just busy busy busy! A it was fun to get out and smell the roses! 😛
      And thanks, I love appliqué now!!! I hope to make more pieces and post super soon!!
      Thanks for reading ❤


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