I have an A/C in my crafty room now! WOO-HOO!



Our AMAZING contractor got a small A/C installed in my crafty room and I LOVE IT!!
Oh a hot day, it gets to be over 85 in there, and all I used was a small fan. And well, NOW I HAVE AN A/C!!
šŸ™‚ I cannot thank our contractor enough,he is always doing great work around the house, built my crafty room last year and anything he touches is gold!!

I’m excited about continuing to fix up my crafty room, I plan on getting my walls covered in perforated hardboard to hang things and also some foam tiles for the floor.
šŸ™‚ how exciting!!

I love the work that our contractor has done, and he’s such a humble man, that I’ve decided to make him this quilt, “Rumbling Rose” from The Quilt Cupboard, in a California king size for him and his wife! It’s the least I could do for all the work he’s done!! šŸ™‚
I will post my progress as I tackle this monster sized quilt! šŸ™‚

Toodles for now,
Diana, Timmy, Jeanie and Ray<3


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