Quilt-Magic : American Flag

This Quilt-Magic kit was very fun to make! 🙂 It is a kit that comes with a foam board that’s laser cut for the fabric pieces! It doesn’t get much easier than that! No special tools required, it comes with the pattern and pieces of fabric to cut out. With the pattern numbered, you simply tug the pieces of fabric into the pre-cut foam board … Continue reading Quilt-Magic : American Flag


As promised, a GIVEAWAY!!! 😀 I had a LONG no-sew Labor Day weekend!! If you didn’t read my post on that, you can find it here. I completed a Quilt-Magic “American Flag” kit, went to the LA county fair and got a cool caricature done, and scored some awesome deals at Joann’s! I have one Hugabook kit, containing a soft picture book and plush toy … Continue reading Labor Day GIVEAWAY!