#FeatureFriday : Purrvana Kitty Kush and a GIVEAWAY! 

We are so “totally bucked up” over here thanks to Purrvana’s Kitty Kush! 🌿

I don’t know about y’all but I learned the hard way that not all catnips are created equal. We use to have a drawer of toys that were refillable with catnip and about a handful of different catnip brands because not a single one appealed to all of our babies. It got very frustrating figuring out which one Timmy likes and which one Raymond didn’t like… it got old quick. 

Last year we attended CatCon LA (2016) and discovered Purrvana Kitty Kush and have never gone back to the old “catnips”!! All of our cats love this stuff! Even the girls who never cared about catnip , now they get so wild with it! 

A bit about Purrvana [ from their website www.Purrvana.com ] : “Purrvana is a Colorado pioneer of high-quality, artisanal catnip which tantalizes your favorite feline’s senses unlike no other. Drawing inspiration from the Colorado lifestyle, Purrvana combines fresh hand-harvested organic catnip with herbal remedies, offering your cat an experience of bliss and leaving them purring for more.”

It’s so entertaining to see all of our cats mingle and get along while high on this catnip, they really enjoy it! It’s incredible! 

If you have some cats that don’t get along, sprinkle some of this catnip on a toy, bowl or their cat bed and watch them play and get along! 😊

Timmys favorite is Purrvana’s seasonal “Killer BUZZ” Whole Catnip Buds!! He just chomps away and eats them like they’re going out of style!! 

Which brings us to our giveaway: one tin of Purrvana’s “Killer BUZZ” Seasonal Whole Organic Catnip Buds! 

There will be multiple ways to enter and multiple ways to have ADDITIONAL entries for this giveaway! 🐱 

**To enter :

-Please make sure that you are a follower of my blog, http://www.RaysSewCrafty.com and subscribe to Purrvana’s Newsletter here : https://purrvana.com/about-purrvana/

-Like this post and comment what you think your kitty will do with this tin of whole catnip buds! 

**For ADDITIONAL entries:

-You can follow us on Instagram (@RaysSewCrafty / @TheMillerCats / @PurrvanaKittyKush) and leave a separate comment on here saying “I’m following you on Instagram” so that I can tally your entries! (Up to 3 additional entries)

-You can like our pages on Facebook (  Ray’s Sew Crafty  /  Purrvana)and leave a separate comment on here saying “I liked you on Facebook” so that I can tally your entries! (Up to 2 additional entries) 


And that’s it! This giveaway is open to kitties around the world with a valid mailing address! 🐱🌎

The winner will be announced on Monday’s Blog post, good luck! 

Toodles for now, 

-Diana, Raymond & Jeanie ❤


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