Happy holidays to all! My holiday season “update” 🎄

How is everyone’s holiday season going?
I’ve gotten so busy decorating for the holidays, planning what I’m doing with my family for Christmas and trying to divide up my time with all of my siblings!
My blog “Ray’s sew Crafty” is turning into “Ray’s sew Lazy”!!!

BUT I am happy to announce that this Christmas season I learned and made 17 Christmas stockings! Oh and I made a treat skirt and I finished my Quilting 101 class quilt!





I absolutely love Christmas and I absolutely love the Grinch!
I just had to have a Grinchmas tree!
I’m very happy that my babies do not attack the tree or knock it over. Jeanie has managed to chew off some of the pine needles, but they really like the Christmas tree!
Do you have horror stories of your pets and the Christmas tree?

It’s been a bit chilly here, I joke that LA-natives like myself are “freezing” at 50! We got the fireplace going and to my surprise, my babies were freezing too!
It’s getting warm again, so we haven’t lit the fireplace in about a week. I wish it’d get cold again just to see my babies sleep by the fireplace, they’re adorable!







I decided to make stockings this year, so I opened up Eleanor’s “Christmas at Bear’s Paw Ranch” book and learned how to make stockings.
I made 17 stockings in 3 days with this pattern, I was on a roll!
I made matching Dr.Seuss stockings for me and my babies and themed stockings for my family and close friends.


I could not find a Grinchmas tree skirt anywhere, so I decided to make my own. I had never made a tree skirt before so this was a bit of a challenge. Working with such a huge piece that’s oddly shaped was foreign to me, but with very few bumps on the road , I made it! It was all “lopsided” and “edgy” just like a tree skirt in Who-ville!
I absolutely love it and the fact that little Jeanie curled right up under the tree skirt as soon as I set it down REALLY made it all worth it!
Isn’t she just adorable? 🙂




Here is my Quilting 101 class quilt, alas , it’s done!
It took me a while to finish quilting it simply because it wasn’t on the top of my To-do list. But I’m done now, here are some previous posts of my Quilting 101 class.
I am a very proud American Citizen, it was a no brainer making my quilt with red, white and blue fabrics!
I’m very proud of my quilt, I’d like to hang it but I don’t want to make a sleeve for it. Lol so it lays in front of the fireplace where the babies sleep on. 🙂

Have you made a class quilt? What’s your preferred color scheme when you’re making a quilt?


A very merry Christmas and a HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all!!
Here is Eleanor Burns as Mrs. Clause at her December Block party; will you be taking any of her block parties 2014? You can sign up online at quiltinaday.com and watch the webinars right from home OR sign up to come in the studio and be part of the audience. The Quilt in a Day shop is in San Marcos, CA, I will be at every Block party, Bucket List class and Accuquilt Retreat and classes.

I’m so excited for 2014 to come!!
Toodles for now,
Diana, Jeanie and Ray<3


3 thoughts on “Happy holidays to all! My holiday season “update” 🎄

  1. I love the quilt, someday I will learn how to do that. I also love the stockings. I like that you didn’t use traditional Christmas fabric for them. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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