Tutorial : How to pin baste a baby quilt :) *PICTURE LOADED*

Ok, basting, basting, BASTING!!
My finger tips are pulsing a bit as I write this post; I pin basted a baby quilt using about 400 pins… Lol I’m a pin nut!


Basting is when you “sandwich” your quilt backing, batting and quilt top, securing all three layers using one of three methods. Or at least I think there are three common methods of basting : pin bating, spray basting and stitch basting. Am I missing a basting method? πŸ™‚
I have not tried stitch basting, which is where you sew a stitch to tack your fabric in place, instead of pinning or spraying your quilt layers. I wanted to try to spray baste this baby quilt, but I was a scaredy cat and didn’t want to paste my layers crooked or with wrinkles.. Lol so the spray can sat by Jeanie while she napped.
Do people actually spray baste 60″ or bigger quilts? How would you go about spraying and layering such a big piece?
I decided to go the only way I know, pin basting! πŸ™‚
Ok, so lets get started!!
All you need is your quilt top, batting and your backing, all to the size that you’d like. Usually , the backing and batting should be at least 4 inches wider than the quilt top, just to give you a safety margin. I have a couple boxes of these 300 curved safety pins at Joan’s and I love them! πŸ™‚ they work like a charm! But I assume regular safety pins would work too.



You want to lay your quilt sandwich on a flat surface, most definitely not your antique wood dinner table where you’ll scratch it while sticking the pins in!
Luckily, my kitchen has a decent sized tiled floor. I constructed the backing of this baby quilt by sewing together 9 20″ squares of this flannel baby fabric. Gosh I’m so excited to finish this quilt!
I taped my quilt backing, face down , all around, keeping it as even as possible. It is so easy to pull and stretch a corner or one side, so take your time while taping your backing down.
You want an even quilt sandwich! πŸ™‚
After taping, center your batting on top of your backing.


20130828-015720.jpg Center your quilt top, facing up, and you’re ready to pin! I hope that by this point in the quilting process, you’ve determined HOW you want to quilt your quilt. This will guide you in pinning your quilt. For example, I will be quilting plain X’s across each little square, so I will be basting two pins on each square to keep my fabric in place. If you’re going to quilt circles , or a design, make sure to pin AROUND the quilting design to eliminate any frustration when you get to quilting.
Now, the rule of thumb when pin basting is “a pin every 4 inches”… I am horrible at following this rule.. I pin as much as I need to to feel like it’ll be stable for handling and quilting. For this quilt in particular, I pinned every 2 or 3 inches, IF THAT! But if you’re doing big squares or are comfortable pinning every 4 or even 5 inches, by all means, do that! πŸ™‚


You want to start in the center and work your way outwards. Smoothing out any wrinkles and bumps in your batting and quilt top. I like to just smooth out each square before pinning, making sure I don’t stretch one side more than the other.
Now this quilt, and my very first kitty quilt, I pinned by hand. I recently purchased a Kwik Klip pinning tool that I plan on using next time and see how it works for me. πŸ™‚

Kwik klip also has pin grip covers that I’m tempted to try. Heck, if there’s anything that can decrease the pain my little finger tips go through when I pin baste, then I want to try it!
Has anyone tried these pin grip covers? Or any other pinning method that’s easier on the fingers!?




After a couple of hours pinning, I was finally done! πŸ™‚
Time for the edges!



I think your suppose to leave the edges raw, or wait until you’re done jolting until you cut the excess batting and backing. But I knew that with all the pinning I did, a extra inch of batting and 3-4 inches of backing was going to be enough. I cut the excess batting and removed the tape from the floor/ backing. Depending on your fabric, and your tape, some of your edges may fray, so remove tape with caution.







I folded my fabric and clipped the edges. You can clip to your comfort, I clipped the edges every 4-5 inches. I think little Jeanie and Ray approve! πŸ™‚




I use regular desk clips for the corners, they just add more pressure and keep those stubborn corners together.
So there you have it! Your baby quilt is now ready to quilt! I will be hand quilting this baby quilt and I hope to finish it before my friend gives birth in October!


This is actually my “home” project, so when I’m not in my crafty room sewing other things, I’m in the house hand quilting this baby quilt. I do a lot of my quilting in bed, at night when we watch tv, and this Beam N Read light is so helpful! πŸ™‚
[Read more about it here]
I found this light at, the quilt festival, Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Co. and I absolutely love it!
It lights just where I need it to, I can adjust it with different light “filters” to go from bright light to night light. And it also comes with a magnifier that easily attaches on the top! Pretty neat! πŸ™‚ check it out by clicking on the shops name!
I will post progress on my hand quilting as I go!
Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for another freebie!

Toodles for now,
Diana, Jeanie and Ray<3


8 thoughts on “Tutorial : How to pin baste a baby quilt :) *PICTURE LOADED*

  1. I enjoy your blog posts. Thanks for sharing. I’m still such a novice with this new creative hobby I’ve fallen in love with and you are definitely a huge help and inspiration. πŸ™‚


    1. Awee<3 thank you so much for the heartwarming compliments! That means a lot to me!
      Quilting has become my obsession , my lifestyle and I truly enjoy meeting new quilters and bloggers to share my journey with! I'm glad we can keep in touch and see what projects we're working on! Thanks again for your kind words!


    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ oh my finger tips were ready to fall off when I was done basting, lol but it was worth it! I just finished quilting it! I’ll post about it soon! Don’t forget to enter my Labor Day giveaway! Thanks for reading Marie! You are so kind!


    1. Thank you Karyl! πŸ™‚
      And good, I hope you enjoy!
      Thanks again for reading AND nominating me for the versatile blogger award! I did my post on that, hope you read my 7 things πŸ™‚
      Take care,
      -Diana and Ray


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