Beam N’ Read Handsfree light from Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Co.

I met Jerry, and his lovely wife Marilyn, at the quilt festival and discovered this handsfree light. Their shop,Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Company , carries many adorable patterns, kits and this Beam N’ Read light!






They are so kind! 🙂 I also purchased their sew simple pineapple book, I’ll post about that later.
I took pictures of the box all around, it’s easier than me poorly explaining how great this light is!
The light comes with two clip on filters, a red and orange one, to be able to adjust the light from bright to night to soft. It also comes with a 4×5 inch magnifier that can easily clip on the top of the light. It runs on 4 AA batteries but you can purchase the AC adapter for AC power.




When laid out straight and “closed” it is off, bend it up “opening” the light and it turns on. It has 6 LEDs, and the option to light 3 or 6 LEDs.





There you have it! A great hands free light to help you quilt, needle craft or read without disturbing anyone else in the room! 🙂
Head over to Cotton & Chocolate Quilt company(here) and order yours today! 🙂


Thanks for reading! Check in later for a tutorial on how to pin/ baste a baby quilt!

Toodles for now,
Diana, Jeanie and Ray<3

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5 thoughts on “Beam N’ Read Handsfree light from Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Co.

  1. Nice write-up Diana. Love the cat in the background. As most quilters with cats already know, cats love quilts! Jerry (from Cotton & Chocolate).


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