Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall: A Must-Have in your Crafty Room! :)



I was walking around the quilt festival and came across Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall booth and just knew I had to have one of these in my crafty room!
It’s such a neat concept: an easy to build stand, slip in a flannel piece of fabric, and with the slanted design, it holds your pieces of fabric!
Maybe it’s just me wanting to simplify the method of my piecing, but I just absolutely love this! I have built in my crafty room and I use it in almost every project I work on now.




It looked intimidating at first, because I am ,by any means, clumsy and horrible at building things like this. Yet, it took me 5 minutes to put this together!! Just unfold the rods, attach the corner joining pieces, and VIOLA!


20130807-192911.jpg(Pay no attention to my crooked sewing.. I’m still learning how to use my sewing machine and these little zigzagged fabric edges… My, they’re so stubborn.. )

You got an accessory and a tool to expedite your piece process!
And I mean expedite as in keeping little Ray from repositioning my pieces when I’ve got my fabric on the table. He just loves to sleep on my pieces and move them around, delaying my projects, NOT ANYMORE! 🙂 I have this baby set up and I love it! You can also pack it up and take it with you anywhere! They have multiple sizes available, perfect for any sized crafting room! 🙂

The couple who created this are so lovely and humble, we chatted at the festival. They’re from Oregon and definitely motivate me to quilt on!


Visit their website for more information on how you can get your own design wall here and a video on how easy it is to assemble this amazing design wall here!

Thank you for reading, I appreciate the comments and tune in later to see what I’m up to! 🙂

Toodles for now,
Diana and Ray<3



8 thoughts on “Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall: A Must-Have in your Crafty Room! :)

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    1. Oh really? 🙂
      How did you find them?
      I love love love mine! 🙂 I have it in my crafty room, using it in ALMOST EVERY SINGLE project!
      Every person I come across that crafts and quilts, I show them pictures of my design wall and tell them how much I love it and it helps me keep my pieces in order and that they should invest in one TOO! Lol
      Little ray just loves to lay of my fabric , that ,as an ALREADY beginner quilter, I don’t need anymore obstacles in my learning journey! 😛
      Glad to hear you love your design wall! 🙂 thanks for reading!


  2. I would love a design wall, but have never had the space for it. I can see why you love this. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with a design floor!


    1. As little space as these adorable design walls take, it happens where in a current situation you just can’t have one.
      But when you get more crafty space , definitely look into getting one! I love mine! Thanks for reading!


    2. I have to craft in a small space, so mine has to hang up on a hook over the door. I didn’t want to invest in a nice one until I have more space, so I made one out of fold up science fair foam board.
      Diana- thanks for the review on Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall! I’ll definitely get one when I move to a larger space!


      1. Oh that’s crafty! 🙂
        You have a design wall that works for YOU and that’s what matters!
        I’m glad I could review such a neat product! I love it! And I hope you post pictures when you do move to larger crafting space! 🙂
        Thanks for reading!!


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